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22. mar. 2014 Slight tweaking, will adjust site more when life allows it.

30. sep. 2013 Site moved to external server.

02. jan. 2011 Because of a major breakdown, server had to be re-installed from scratch,
hence no Gallery nor Music for the time being.

23. nov. 2008 Gallery almost fully updated, still needs a 'few' pics.

31. oct. 2008 Updated banners.

7. oct. 2008 Most of the site should be up and running again, had to reinstall from scratch 8(

2. jul. 2008 Webmail is not working at the moment 8(

26. jun. 2008 Gallery upgraded and almost up to date.

23. jun. 2008 Server reinstalled with upgraded hard- and software, some functions not working yet.

2. dec. 2007 Gallery is viewable, but not editable.

19. aug. 2007 Think Gallery is back on track.

24. jul. 2007 Gallery is a bit messed up, trying to work it out.

24. apr. 2007 Fiddled with banners.

12. apr. 2007 Added more banana power 8).

9. apr. 2007 Changed most of it back since layout did not work as I had planned.

5. apr. 2007 Made some cosmetics changes and again made underlying code more dynamic.

21. mar. 2007 Made underlying code more dynamic.

8. mar. 2007 IP change should be completed, site & mail accessable again.

31. jan. 2007 Made some small cosmetic adjustments. Also corrected code on Music page, songs should now be downloadable.

17. dec. 2006 Server crashed, had to reinstall from scratch... should be back to normal.

13. dec. 2006 Fiddled with some underlying code.

26. nov. 2006 Banners up and running again.

24. nov. 2006 Changed layout on some pages, only cosmetic.

20. nov. 2006 Banners are a mess... still working on the code 8(

18. nov. 2006 Changed some underlying code and also made some cosmetic alterations.

23. oct. 2006 Tinkered some more on site. Ferret is making a mess, but hey... that is what they do best 8).

14. oct. 2006 Again, if anyone can get the banners to work outside IE 5+, or have a better suggestion for the bannercode, please let me know, @ Cag.

3. oct. 2006 Tinkered with underlying code on site.
My ferret Fjolle got neutered today, so watching extra over him.

1. Sep. 2006 Made small adjustments, among others I've added the '           '-feature to site.

31. Aug. 2006 Home semi- ferret-proof, now just to get rest of the planned things done.

24. Aug. 2006 Got a new ferret today Fjolle, so busy the next couple of weeks/months with trainng him.

26. Jul. 2006 ISP got tech-problems, but both web and mail should be working fine.

24. Jul. 2006 Well it seems that only the web is running. Mail still suffers from indigestion, problem is being looked at.

21. Jul. 2006 Finally got router to acknowledge NAT/loopback. Apologies to users for missing mail-option.
Mail sent to users from 12. Jul. to 21. Jul. seem to be lost, sorry.

19. Jun. 2006 Added ShockWave Flash-files to Gallery section.

13. Jun. 2006 My ferret died yesterday in his sleep, so mood is somewhat down.

4. Jun. 2006 Added pictures from C+M's wedding.

1. Jun. 2006 Added more quotes and banners.
If anyone can get the banners to work outside IE5+ please let me know, @ Cag

25. May. 2006 Added more pictures to the gallery.

6. May. 2006 Tinkered on the site, changed menu and some sub-pages.
Mac'N'Stuff removed completely, music and art by Medusa still prevails.

1. May. 2006 Updated links with Sir Ground Sound.
A friend of mine is playing lead/rythm-guitar in the band, check out their mp3's!

20. Apr. 2006 Updated code and pictures for gallery.

18. Jan. 2006 Added more banners, updated code for same.

30. Dec. 2005 Updated Gallery-software, made some small adjustments to site.
Trying with banner-ads again.

26. Sep. 2005 Not much new. Added Daily SuDoku, knock yourself out!

1. Jun. 2005 Server up and running again. A bad stick o'ram was resulting in kernal panic.
Did a total reinstall and restored vital info from backup.

29. Mar. 2005 Guestbook completely removed, due to moronic ads.

27. Mar. 2005 Messing with the graphics.

15. Mar. 2005 More tinkering on the site, made underlying code more dynamic.

11. Mar. 2005 Tinkering on the site.

5. Mar. 2005 Rewamped site with new base and colors. Bannerads inactive for the time being.
New gallery system. Links updated.

29. Dec. 2004 Made small adjustments, mostly on mainpage and with the bannerads.
introducing Random Quotes.

23. Dec. 2004 Tinkered on the site, hopefully got all the errors corrected after the servermove.

Nov. 2004 Site has been semi-working in the last month due to a move of servers,
hence rendering perl- and cgi-scripts unusable.